My very own microscope at home

Me and my partner always wish of the possibility of having our very own ‘Leica TCS SP8 Confocal Microscope’ at home. At times when we have to image our experiments (in this case, slices of cells or of the heart stained with antibodies to detect expression of proteins) we spend long, tiring hours in a dark room equipped with the most expensive of microscopes. There are many occasions when we go back to the lab in the weekends to use the microscope hoping that its less crowded. Often, after imaging and venturing out of the dark room and taking a look at the pictures, we are dissatisfied with the quality of pictures. this means another long day at the microscope.

If we only we had one of these at home, our life would be a lot more comfortable. The only glitch however, is that it costs almost a million euros. 😉

ImageThese microscopes are capable of scanning through different layers of a section with precision, stack all the layers to project a cumulative image.

ImageWhat you see here is a group of heart cells- their nucleus in blue and sarcomere (basic unit of a muscle cell) in a striated pattern in green. Isn’t it a cool picture?


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  1. I think the best thing I ever saw under the microscope was bacteria with flagella. It was pretty interesting.

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