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Children of Men

I’ve often wondered what it is that actually motivated me to pursue a research career.

As an 8 year old, I remember putting together a magazine for kids living in my neighborhood. Every week, I would write a story or two, compile science or math puzzles with the help of my mom, include news about competitions kids could take part in as well as congratulating those who did well in studies or at sports to make it an interesting read. My mom would then put these individual pages together and get a few photocopies for me, so I could circulate the magazine around (sweet memories).

A couple of years later, I would be singing at a competition but unlike those around me (who were definitely wiser), I wrote and composed the tune for the song myself (of course, I made a fool of myself :D)

At 13, I participated in a science fair organised by ‘Intel’ at that time (way back in 1999 folks!) and realised that my mind works best in finding solutions to problems whose answers were not to be found in books.

At 27, I’m trying to understand why the human heart works the way it works and when things go wrong, as they do in certain life threatening cardiac diseases, i hope to unravel the cause and contribute to finding a fix.

I’m lucky that my Grandparents, Parents, Teachers and those around me encouraged the inquisitive and creative side in me as a child. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have discovered something that I’m very passionate about.




Thanks for reading 🙂